Who Needs Care

Who Can Benefit:

Any animal or person experiencing pain, lack of joint and/or general motion, decreased performance, or individuals with the desire to have an optimum functioning body at any age.

Chiropractic is based on the body working at its best. In other words, providing the means necessary to allow the body’s innate potential to heal itself and ultimately function to the best of its ability based on current structure. The purpose is also to remove any sort of element that may interrupt the neurological function of the body.

What chiropractors treat are ‘subluxations’.  These can also be described as misalignments, or dysfunctional movement of the joints also affecting the nervous system. This can happen throughout the entire body.
Chiropractors commonly focus on the spine because it is the neurological key to getting messages to the musculoskeletal system (body).
Dr. Hall believes in adjusting subluxations throughout the entire body to ensure optimum health through not only the spine but the extremities (legs, arms, hands, feet, hooves, paws, and jaws).

These subluxations, or interruptions, can cause dysfunction in many ways.
A horse, for instance: is trained to carry head positions different from their natural. Training them to hold their head higher or lower, depending on the sport, as well as simply saddling them and putting a bit in their mouth will change the horses natural neurological and biomechanical input and output throughout the body. This is similar to a person’s posture changing from training in a specific sport or even just sitting at a desk all day. The body adapts to what it’s forced to do. This ultimately creates compensatory reactions and subluxations throughout the spine and extremities in all sorts of individuals

The chiropractic adjustment allows the joints in the body to freely and properly move so that it may function more optimally and heal more effectively.
It can enhance performance, solve issues such as: limping or unexplained lameness, inability to take a lead, false collection, random bucking, etc.  Adjustments can also relieve pain and sometimes even alter the behavior of an animal that may have symptoms but not a diagnosed disease.  This applies to people as well.

Chiropractic benefits everyone and everything with a nervous system.